Put your ass hard as a stone
Put your ass hard as a stone

Little by little, the end of the cold days approaches. The imminent arrival of spring and its subsequent summer season has caused many people have decided to start their particular bikini operation‘. Low fat diets, cut in carbohydrate consumption… and of course, exercise. They are the basic pillars to obtain our best physical version.

In this dynamic, putting the firm ass is one of the first physical changes that fitness people want to see in themselves. Something that requires, more than diet, constancy when putting into practice certain exercises that help strengthen the gluteus and gain explosive strength in the legs. Next, we have compiled the best exercises for you to put your backside like a stone and you can brag about it this summer on the beach.


It is the ass and legs exercise par excellence. There are many variants when it comes to doing it, each of them optimized to a specific objective. However, we are going to refer to the traditional open-leg squat. Positioning the feet at shoulder height, is to descend to the point where our thighs are positioned parallel to the ground. In addition, you can carry it out with different weights and resistances: from using your own body span, to holding weight or dumbbell discs at chest height, for greater effort in each repetition.


Basically, it consists of the classic activity of going up and down stairs. You can exercise from not using the elevator, until making use of high drawers, raising and lowering it constantly for 30 seconds. After doing so, you must rest 20 seconds and then start again. Five minutes a day following this dynamic will make you feel perceptible changes in your ass in less than a month. Guaranteed!

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It involves striding long, bending the back leg to the point of touching the floor with the knee. For its part, the front leg should be placed in a position of 90 degrees, in vertical line with the ankle. For greater effectiveness in this exercise, grab a pair of dumbbells with your hands to add resistance. Remember to keep your arms always straight, in line with your shoulders.


Using a mat, stand face to face with your legs bent and knees at a 90 degree angle. Then, stretch one leg, lifting it up to align it with the rest of the body and bringing it back as far as possible. Then, return the leg to its original position and repeat the dynamics with the other leg. The slower you do the process, the more and better you work on both your buttocks and the femoral biceps of your leg.

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