Our pace of life increasingly sedentary and with many hours in front of the computer makes us get little balls that we like so little, concentrated in the gluteus and legs, so we propose a series of exercises to lose weight legs that will help us improve the circulation, mobilize fat, lose weight and tone your legs.



Let’s start our exercises to lose weight by tapping a wall with your toe, if you are in the street, or in the air or in a chair, if you are at home. We are going to try to do 50 touches, raising the legs a lot, alternating them and also raising the opposite arm each time.

In the park 5 exercises to train legs and buttocks ready to begin
In the park 5 exercises to train legs and buttocks ready to begin


Now we turn and kick 50 backwards alternating legs, also trying to lift as much as we can without overdoing it, which will also strengthen the buttocks. In this case the arms oscillate parallel forward and back along with the leg that touches us.


We stand next to the wall, forming a kind of T with the right shoulder closer to the wall and the left shoulder away. In this way we cross the left leg in front of the right and touch the wall, raising what we can. When I return to the ground, leaving a little more distance between our feet than the one between our shoulders, we raise our right a little, as if we were taking a small step, and repeat 50 times. We turn around and repeat with the other leg another 50 times. During this exercise the arms will alternately go back and forth, as opposed to the leg.

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The park is a good place to practice outdoor exercise and more and more are conditioned for sports activities. Here we can do many exercises to lose weight.


With the same position of the previous exercise, and the hand on the wall to hold the balance, we make circles as big as we can and raising the outer leg, that is, if we support with the right hand we make circles with the left leg. We will make 10 circles in each direction and repeat with the other leg.


We continue our exercises to lose weight with the same position and we do 20 leg shots. This is, again with the left leg if we hold with the right hand, we put the left foot with the tip on the floor crossed to the right foot in front, we make a kind of side kick as high as we can and the left foot ends crossed behind the right touching the ground with the tip, and this “side kick” is repeated forward. Once made the 20 releases with the left leg we do with the right. With this exercise in addition to the leg we work the hip.

Remember to stretch well to avoid injuries


We support both hands on the wall, we lift one leg back and make circles, with this exercise we will also strengthen the gluteus. We make 10 circles in each direction with each leg, which makes a total of 40 circles.

Repeat the exercise doing the 40 circles forward, supporting us on one hand.

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We go with the last exercise to lose weight and tone legs. Holding on to the wall to keep the balance we will make very strong movements of the leg back and forth, trying to raise what we can in both directions. The complete movement is considered a repetition, from front to back and from back to front. We are going to do 30 repetitions with each leg.

We will do the same but laterally instead of forward and backward, in this case 20 repetitions with each leg.


The number of repetitions that we indicate is orientative, listen to your body to adapt the intensity and duration to the most convenient for you.

Remember to warm up before performing the exercises to lose weight and toning, walking or jogging for example, and stretch well once finished to avoid injuries and stiffness the next day. It will take a little longer but you will make sure you can repeat the next day and have an excuse to stay at home.

It is very important to maintain a straight back during all exercises to avoid any injury and to tighten the abdomen, which will help us to balance and we will work the gut almost without realizing it, which never hurts.

You always have to accompany the sport with a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, which you know is the body’s way of eliminating that fat that bothers us so much. With strength of will and perseverance, you will surely see the results of your leg-slimming exercises.

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