Safe tattoo
The tattoo cabinet should be clean and safe

Are you the happy father or mother of a teenager? Then you must prepare yourself to listen to one of the most feared statements: “I want to get a tattoo” or “I want to have a piercing”. Actually, tattoos were already used by our most remote ancestors, and piercing has been in fashion for many years. Maybe you have yourself somewhere in your body! We will try to see the world of tattoo and piercing without prejudice but with caution so that you can go towards a safe tattoo.

A tattoo for life

Basically, a tattoo involves the introduction of pigments of different colors under the skin, to draw and color a design, using a needle. The pigments are injected into the dermis, one or two millimeters deep. The dermis is the second layer of the skin, and that is the reason why tattoos last a lifetime: the cells that we lose and regenerate are those of the epidermis, the most superficial layer, while the cells of the dermis are much more stable.

The tattooists must have a precise knowledge of the depth to which the incisions are made, since too superficial a tattoo would be blurred and one too deep could affect other organs, produce bleedings or have serious consequences on health. Learn more here about the dangers of tattoos.

We say this because many people believe that tattoos are not permanent or can be erased or there are temporary tattoos; Even teens sometimes use this argument to convince their parents. In fact, the tattoo is, from a historical and philosophical point of view, a form of expression for all life. An inscription on your body, be it a word, a drawing, a symbol, with which you try to express and communicate something very important to you.

That is why it is necessary, first of all, to think very carefully about what you will tattoo and where. But let’s leave this problem for a little later and focus now on the issue of erasure. The most important specialists in dermatology discourage tattoos called “temporary” for many reasons, including:

  • They have great sensitizing power;
  • They can cause allergic and inflammatory reactions;
  • Generating permanent scars;
  • They generate secondary residual hypopigmentation.
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The problem is that these types of tattoos are made in the epidermis, which, as we said, is the most superficial layer of the skin and supposedly washable products such as henna, tea or coal are used. To these is usually added hair dye and precisely this component, which tattooists use to give greater precision to the drawing, can cause contact dermatitis.

Many people who have had a tattoo without thinking too much, such as tattoos of names of couples that they would later forget… or tattoos on the arm or other parts of the body too visible that can be a factor against looking for work, they want erase those tattoos.

Currently, the most innocuous technique for erasing tattoos is scanning with a laser beam to disintegrate the pigments. It consists of several sessions of topical laser along with anesthetic creams and antibiotics. It is important to know that it is a long treatment (in some cases it has taken up to a whole year) because the colors green, blue and black are the most difficult to disintegrate and in addition the extension and depth of the tattoo and the technique used must be taken into account to tattoo.

If the idea is to erase a tattoo, we recommend waiting for winter, since you should avoid exposure to the sun of the treated parts and should be bandaged. In any case you should know that laser treatments are expensive and the skin will never recover its natural appearance. That’s why before you get a tattoo… think about it! Fashions happen, but health is for life.

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Precautions to take for a safe tattoo

If you have come this far and you still want to get a tattoo… let’s move forward a bit more in matters related to hygiene and safety, since it is not a matter of going to the nearest tattoo shop and exposing the part of your body in the one you want the tattoo The tattoo, as we said, is a wound on the skin, and quite deep, so, like any wound, is associated with risks of infections and diseases.

The tattoo cabinet

It must be clean and hygienic. Without pretending that it looks like an operating theater, do not trust the place if it is dirty or something makes you feel uncomfortable. The professional must use disposable material, both needles and gloves, and use mask or mask. We recommend that you approach the local government to ask for the current regulations regarding tattoo and piercing places.

The professional must take safety measures
The professional must take safety measures

Check this list:

  • The tattoo cabinet has an autoclave: it is a steam or pressure stove to sterilize the instruments;
  • They use disposable ink cartridges, that is to say that they are used only once with each client;
  • Make sure that the tattooist is an authorized professional and also a good artist, to obtain a satisfactory result;

Your health

You must be sure that your body is able to withstand a tattoo. For a safe tattoo check your vaccinations (especially against hepatitis and tetanus) and your general health since you should be able to face reactions such as allergies or infections. If you have pre-existing problems such as heart disease, diabetes, keloids, allergies or diseases of the immune system, consult your doctor. If you are pregnant… forget about the tattoo until after delivery!

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Conditions of intervention

One of the main problems, which in turn is the cause of sequels, sometimes quite dangerous, is that tattooists, perhaps ignorance themselves, for lack of regulations or simply do not believe it necessary, do not inform customers about of the conditions and consequences that the intervention can have. According to an interesting study by the prestigious consumer association Consumer Eroski, “55% did not report precautions before getting a tattoo like not going on an empty stomach and not having ingested alcohol or drugs, and 64% do not explain the process of placing a piercing or performing a secure tattoo: if anesthesia is necessary, how long the session lasts.”

For this reason, if you want a safe tattoo we recommend consulting several establishments and deciding on one in which they offer greater guarantees for your safety, good advice and all the necessary explanations for a before and after the tattoo fully satisfactory and healthy.

The piercing, a little less risky

Given the difficulties and risks of tattoos, and especially the fact that they are virtually indelible, many people who also want to have the body decorated choose the piercing, since it can be removed without major consequences. There are places that are very dangerous like piercing in the language… choose a less risky place!

Piercing is less risky
Piercing is less risky

Before placing a piercing, take into account that:

  • You are in good health, you do not have colds or toothaches;
  • You have the tetanus vaccine applied;
  • The professional applies the necessary hygienic measures and the cabinet is in unbeatable conditions;
  • Winter is the best time for intervention;
  • People who have placed a piercing can not donate blood until one year after placement.

Now yes… enjoy your new piercing or tattoo insurance!

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