Energy Systems Sport Loudspeakers
Energy Systems Sport Loudspeakers

Energy Sistem continues to launch new technological devices related to music and sports. Its new line, Energy Outdoor Box, is composed of  portable sports speakers, with Bluetooth system, resistant to shock and water, with built-in flashlight and with sufficient acoustic power so you can listen to your music wherever you are.

Energy Outdoor Box Bike and Energy Outdoor Box Adventure are two models of speakers that are quite similar and different at the same time. The first focuses more on athletes who use the bicycle to train or go route, that’s why it includes the necessary accessories to hold the handle perfectly. On the other hand, the Adventure model is designed to take it when you go out on foot and you want to carry it hanging from your backpack.

Energy Outdoor Box Bike

Listening to music while on a bicycle is often a difficult task. Not only is it reckless to wear headphones, but it is uncomfortable and impractical to listen to your favorite songs from the speakerphone. For this, nothing better than betting on this model of speaker that you can hook to your handlebar and, even, has the option of functioning as a flashlight.

Shockproof, mud, dust and water; in addition to providing sufficient acoustic power and have autonomy of up to 16 hours (from 6 hours of autonomy to 50% of volume). It has both Bluetooth connection and microSD card, 3.5mm audio input or FM radio; so it will not be necessary to charge your smartphone or lose the FM radio signal.

For € 59’90 you will have the Energy Outdoor Box Bike next to the bicycle stand, a speaker backpack, a carabiner, the audio cable (3.5 mm), the USB cable for charging and a quick guide for driving.

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Energy Outdoor Box Adventure

If you are a true adventurer and like to enjoy nature while taking long walks, this speaker is what you need. Resistant to splashing water, blows and with built-in flashlight will make you careless that you carry it hanging from your backpack. As in the Box Bike, it has Bluetooth connection, micro SD card, audio input via headphones and FM radio.

It has an audio system designed to play music outdoors with 10 W of power, offering a clear and clean sound. Also, its rechargeable battery with 16 hours of autonomy will make you forget to have to charge it in the middle of your adventurous escapade.

For 49’90 € you will have the Energy Outdoor Box Adventure together with a carabiner, the audio cable (3.5 mm), the USB cable for the charge and a quick guide for driving.

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