Since the movie ‘Enchanted‘ was premiered in 2007, starring Amy Adams, the idea of ​​making a sequel has been gaining strength over the years and has developed, although in no time Your production has begun.

However, the actress seems more than willing to make the film come true. This was confirmed during an interview in The Talk, made as part of the promotion of his next mini-series for HBO, ‘Open wounds’, when the presenter Sara Gilbert asked about the possibility of participating in the sequel Adams replied: “I am absolutely We’re working on it, so… I have hope.”

As we mentioned before, the project is in a kind of limbo: the film would be directed by Adam Shankman, taking the place of Kevin Lima, who was behind the cameras of the original; and different drafts of the script signed by Jessie Nelson, J. David Stern, David N. Weiss and Anne Fletcher have been made. Just missing that Disney green light to the project.

More Disney sequels

The idea that in the coming years we can see the sequel to ‘Encantada’, which at the time received good reception from the public and the Academy to be nominated for three Oscars in the category of best original song, it does not seem far-fetched, because Disney will premiere ‘WIFI Ralph’ and ‘The Incredibles 2’ this year. Between that it arrives or not, we will be able to continue seeing the actress in ‘Sharp Objects’, that is released in HBO this 8 of July.

Curiosities of Amy Adams

1Not a natural redhead

It’s hard to believe that one of the most iconic redheads in today’s cinema, with the permission of Julianne Moore and Jessica Chastain, is really blonde. Indeed, the true color of Amy Adams’ hair is blond. In fact, the change in his hair tone came on the advice of his representatives, seeing that there were hardly any calls from blonde. It was in 2004, in the series’ Dr. Vegas’, from CBS, in which she saw her change from blonde to redhead.

As it happened with Emma Stone, the change from blonde to redhead favored a lot in her career. Amy Adams herself declared it in an interview with The New York Times: “The moment I dyed my hair redhead they started to treat me in a more fun way […] It changed everything, people started to see me for I do not know if it was only thanks to the change in color of my hair, but, of course, it was very helpful for them to see me more than as a blonde” And what changed, currently it is impossible to imagine Amy Adams with another hair tone than the redhead.

2First, she was a dancer

Actually the initial vocation of Amy Adams was not to be an actress, but a dancer. In fact, she had an academic dance education until finishing high school and was trained as an apprentice in a local company. Her parents hoped that, thanks to the dance, the young woman would enter the university with a scholarship, although the future actress had other plans, since she wanted to be a full-time dancer. “I was not one of those people who enjoyed studying, but now I do regret not having gone to college,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

For this reason, she moved with her mother to Atlanta to continue her career as a dancer. However, things did not go as expected and focused his career in musical theater, as it was “much more appropriate” for his personality. The actress spoke of her decision to leave the dance with THR: “In the ballet, I was always placed among the choir dancers, and it was exhausting for me and I got tired of dancing all those years”.

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Her past as a dancer has served her for her present as an actress. “The dance has helped me to have more control over my body acting, it has helped me to be able to understand and transmit my characters through movement,” he said.

3Worked in Hooters

As is well known, the beginnings in the artistic world are not easy, especially for those who want to conquer Hollywood. The first works of Amy Adams had nothing to do with film or dance. The actress began as a receptionist in a Gap store while participating in community plays.

However, one of her most striking works was that of being a waitress at Hooters, the famous restaurant chain that forces its employees to work with very short pants and top shirts with a lot of cleavage. Adams only lasted three weeks at his post. “I only worked three weeks, enough to buy my first car, despite everything, there was great innocence in me during my Hooters experience, but I quickly learned that shorts and beer should not go hand in hand,” heconfessed.

4Spielberg offered his first opportunity

Although Amy Adams had already done the odd role in series such as ‘Charmed’, ‘Those wonderful 70’, ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘Smallville’, even his career had not managed to take off at all , his most important role was in 2001 when he starred in ‘Cruel Intentions 2’, the prequel to ‘Cruel Intentions’ that was launched directly into domestic format.

It was Steven Spielberg who gave him the entrance to the large-scale cinema with ‘Catch Me If You Can’, a film in which the actress got into the role of Brenda Strong, the nurse of which Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) falls in love The director of ‘Jurassic Park’ saw its great potential. Speaking to Elle magazine, “I thought it was going to be the beginning of his career,” said the filmmaker. However, unfortunately, the actress was unemployed for a whole year.

However, the experience of having been in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was essential for Amy Adams. “It was the first time I knew I was capable of acting at a higher level, with those people, that my talent was recognized by Steven Spielberg was a great injection of confidence in my career,” he said.

5‘Junebug’ saved his career

Despite having the recommendation of Spielberg, the truth is that the career of Amy Adams after ‘Catch me if you can’ did not go back much, precisely. After being fired from the series’ Dr. Vegas’ for a disagreement in the contract, the future of his career was not very promising. However, the casting of the independent film ‘Junebug’, directed by Phil Morrison, meant that the hopes were not lost, since Adams thought seriously about leaving the profession.

“I thought maybe I should go to New York, or do something else, it was not like quitting or overcoming a dramatic event, but thinking that maybe acting was not a good option,” he told USA Today. No wonder, since the actress had already turned 30 when he starred in ‘Junebug’, a complicated age in Hollywood if you are a woman and an actress, unfortunately it is a very current reality.

However, ‘Junebug’ was his great leap to the front line and the start of a career full of success and prestige. Adams won a special jury prize from the Sundance Festival, and her performance as the candid Ashley was acclaimed by the critics of the moment. The performer won the award for best supporting actress for the National Society of Film Critics, as well as a Spirit Award. Although the big highlight was that she won a nomination for best supporting actress in the Awards of the Actors Guild and her first nomination for the Oscars, in the category of best supporting actress. The star had just been born.

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6‘Enchanted’, your first great role

After the Oscar nomination for ‘Junebug’, Amy Adams achieved more roles in cast roles in series such as ‘The Office’ and in films such as ‘Wedding Day’, ‘Giving the Note’ or ‘ The War of Charlie Wilson’ ‘In 2007 he would get his first leading role, as well as his first commercial success: ‘Encantada’.

In ‘Encantada’, the actress gave birth to Giselle, an innocent and fragile princess from a fairy tale who is transported to real-life Manhattan by the evil queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon). In the ruthless Big Apple, the delicate Giselle will see that her concept of “happily ever after” does not work. He will have the help of a divorced lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) for whom he will feel more than a deep friendship.

A classic story that combined real image with animation , ‘Encantada’ managed to be her entrance through the big door to the commercial cinema, as she also showed that she was capable of being the main character of a film, and that she had the great Susan Sarandon as rival on the tape.

7Delicate, feminine but strong and determined

Amy Adams has a certain aura of star of another era to possess an elegance and natural bearing that marries very well with his reddish hair, his mysterious look and the appearance of fragile and delicate lady that transmits in each movement a hypnotic femininity. However, these qualities are seen as flaws by some viewers. Already her role in ‘Enchanted’ made a certain sector of the critics and the public see her as a “stereotype” of “lady in distress and weak”, something that the actress has shown to be false in multiple films like ‘The Master’, ‘The great American scam’, ‘The arrival’ or ‘Night animals’ But what makes these people see Adams as a weak woman? Well, his femininity.

This was said by the actress herself in an interview for NY Times. “I have been accused of being a weak woman because I am female and I can guarantee that this is not true at all […] Every woman has her own way of being feminine and nobody can tell them how they should be or how they should behave. They are very strong and they are very feminine, “he said.

In fact, if something has shown the actress is its versatility to give life to completely different characters. In her career, Amy Adams has been a story princess, a candid young pregnant, a nun with moral doubts, a sex symbol, a philologist whose mission is to save the world through language, a cold and distant gallerist, a conned painter, the pilot who marked a milestone in history or an intrepid journalist and girlfriend of DC Comics’ most iconic superhero.

8Example for other actresses

With 43 years old, Amy Adams is at the peak of her career and nothing seems to indicate that she is going to miss it. After a 2016 in which shone with two magnificent roles, Louise Banks in ‘The arrival’ and Susan Morrow in ‘Animals nocturnes’, 2017 looks to go just as well. The actress is finishing shooting ‘Justice League‘, which will return to give life to Lois Lane. With this, Adams shows that in Hollywood it is possible to be an actress and have very interesting projects from the age of 40. She is not the only one, other actresses that serve as an example are Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain or Sally Hawkins.

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In addition, it has pending release ‘Sharp Objects’ an eight-episode miniseries for HBOthat is based on the novel ‘Open wounds’, by Gillian Flynn (‘Lost’). The miniseries is directed by the Canadian Jean-Marc Vallée and looks like revalidating the success of another miniseries directed by him, ‘Big Little Lies’.

Soon we will see in the new film by Adam McKay (‘ The big bet’), which will be a biopic about Dick Cheney, the 46th vice president of the United States and one of the most powerful that the US government has had, Amy Adams will give life to Lynne, his wife. Not only that, the actress will be Giselle in the sequel to ‘Enchanted’.

9Emily Blunt’s best friend

Among the friends of Amy Adams is that of the British actress Emily Blunt. Both co-starred together in 2008 ‘Sunshine Cleaning’, an independent film directed by Christine Jeffs and in which Alan Arkin also participated. In that film, both actresses were friendship and have been very close. Both that they shared character and everything: The one of the woman of the baker in ‘Into the Woods’, whereas Amy Adams interpreted it in the production of 2012 for Broadway, Emily Blunt did it in the cinematographic adaptation that made Disney in 2014.

10One of the most influential people in the world and one of the highest paid actresses

In 2014, Time magazine considered Amy Adams one of the 100 most influential figures in the world. In that year, the actress of ‘The Fighter’ and ‘The Master’ shared a list of figures from fields as diverse as culture, politics, economics or science. Among the other influential people were the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; environmental specialist Tom Steyer; the Uruguayan president José Mujica; the ex-informant of the CIA Edward Snowden; German Chancellor Angela Merkel, actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Robin Wright or singer Beyoncé.

Not only that, in this past 2016, Amy Adams has entered among the ten highest paid actresses in the world with 11.5 million dollars earned.

11The “new” Leo DiCaprio

The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio won the 2015 Oscar for best actor for ‘The Revenant’ made his image of eternal nominee vanish. Now that “label” has fallen on Amy Adams, the actress has opted five times for the statuette and has never been able to take it.

Four times nominated for best supporting actress and one for best leading actress. His first candidacy was in 2005 with ‘Junebug’, that year Rachel Weisz won for ‘The faithful gardener’; in 2008 she was nominated for ‘La duda’, the winner was Penélope Cruz with ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’; in 2010, she opted again for the statuette for ‘The Fighter’, although that year she was a casting partner, Melissa Leo, who won it; in 2012 she managed to be nominated again with ‘The Master’, but the one that managed to take the award was Anne Hathaway for ”and in 2013 she jumped from category to the candidacy of best actress with ‘The great American scam’, but the winner was Cate Blanchett for’ Blue Jasmine’.

Something that he also shared with DiCaprio was “his forgetfulness” at the Oscars. While the actor, the Academy ignored him with ‘J. Edgar’ and ‘Django desencadenado’, something that provoked a lot of indignation among the audience as they were very Oscar-winning roles, the actress was followed by something similar in 2016 with ‘La llegada’ and ‘Animals nocturnes’, especially with the tape of Denis Villeneuve, since its nomination seemed, practically, assured.


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