Elon Musk offers technology from Tesla
Elon Musk offers technology from Tesla

It has been three days since the 12 Thai children and their trainer were located alive in a cave flooded by the rains. The monsoon now threatens to make rescue work more difficult, but the government of Thailand can count on the help of Elon Musk (if needed).

After someone asked him on Twitter if he could help the children and the coach get out of the cave, Musk just gave a courtesy response: “I suspect that the Thai government has this under control, but I will be happy to help if There is some way to do it.”

But it seems that a light bulb went on in his head as a result of that question because, 16 hours later, Musk reopened the Twitter app to offer the technology of their companies to rescuers:

“Boring Co has an advanced soil penetration radar and pretty good at digging holes,” the businessman wrote. “I do not know if the speed of the extraction pumps is limited by the electrical energy or if the pumps are too small. But, if so, I could send Powerpacks [from Tesla batteries] fully charged and bombs.”

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Meanwhile, a massive military operation in the Tham Luang Nan Nong caves has put hundreds of industrial pumps to work to drain the water that floods the 4-kilometer road between the entrance of the cave and the area where the children and their children live. football coach. Water has already dropped by 40% these days, but it is still not clear that children will be able to go out on foot. The alternative is to teach them how to swim and dive.

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