Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk is synonymous with innovation and change. Almost everything that currently seems to come out of a science fiction film bears the hallmark of Musk and that since childhood was already pointing ways. Passionate of the comics and follower of men of science like Nikola Tesla, with 10 years already programmed in his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, and even got to create a space-based game called Blastar.

Although he was born in Pretoria (South Africa), he had always dreamed of studying in the United States and although he originally moved to Canada at the age of 17, he finished studying Physics and Economics in Pennsylvania.

In 1995 he founded together with his brother, which will be the first of its extensive list of companies, Zip 2. This company was dedicated to offering content online to the media, reaching as customers to giants as reputable as the New York Times. He ended up selling this company to Compaq for about 300 million dollars, money that he invested in creating another company, X.com. The idea of ​​this new project was to make secure payments through the network. It was merged with Confinity and renamed Paypal, one of the most used payment platforms. Finally Ebay acquired Paypal for the exorbitant amount of 1,500 million dollars.

With the transaction, Musk he managed to increase his fortune, and he invested part of the money in one of his dreams, the creation of the company SpaceX, destined to make rockets and ships with which to carry out missions in space. Currently collaborates with NASA, sending all kinds of supplies to the space station, although the real goal of Musk, is to travel and colonize Mars. 

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Just one year later, Elon Musk founded the best known of its companies at an international level: Tesla Motors. Baptized with this name due to the enormous admiration of Musk by Nikola Tesla. His great achievement is the creation of the Tesla S, an all-electric vehicle and autonomous, which does not need a driver; a kind of fantastic car. Its success continues in crescendo , and has already managed to outstrip the giant Ford.

One of its main concerns is the environment, in fact almost all its projects are in a way related to its preservation. That’s why he decided to create the Solar City company in 2006. This is the main provider of solar panels in the USA, and emerged with the purpose of implementing this type of renewable energy and curb global warming.

His latest company, named Neuralink, can mark a before and after. The idea of ​​Musk is based on what he calls ‘neural tie‘, and consists of achieving a connection between the human brain and a computer, creating a link between biological intelligence and digital.

It is clear that Musk is endowed with a privileged mind; This multimillionaire, visionary and philanthropist has created himself, surpassing himself in each of his projects and turning everything he touches into gold. It also has a comic part, which shows making cameos in the world of film and television. We have already seen it in the movie Iron Man 2, or in comedies as media as The Big Bang Theory or the Simpsons. The legend has been born and like any genius that boasts, the rumorology regarding his person has only just begun.

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