Eggs Inside Outside fridge
Eggs Inside Outside fridge

Surely you have also wondered why you put eggs in the fridge when you get home, if in the supermarket are not exposed in the cold products section. Should we leave them at room temperature or do we do well keeping them cold until they are consumed?

Why are supermarkets out of the fridge?

The explanation is in the cuticle of the egg and the temperature changes. The cuticle is a thin layer that covers the egg just below the shell, being so weak is easy to break with a simple change in temperature. If this happens, our health would be in danger when transferring the salmonella from the shell to the egg content. That is, if in the supermarket it was cold, we took them out to take them home and then we put them back in the cold, goodbye to natural protection!

These changes in temperature displace the cuticle, so it is advisable not to chill the eggs before they reach our house. That by the way, an egg has an expiration date of 28 days, no more.

Should they be washed before they are consumed? There are not many who do this step before cooking the eggs, but you should be careful as well. The water pressure can break the cuticle, so we should only wash them just before opening them to prevent salmonella from entering the egg. Forget about getting home, wash them and put them in the fridge.

And is not it better to leave them at room temperature at home?

If they are already at room temperature, why do we put them in the cold? This simple fact of changing them to a lower temperature affects in a positive way, making the air take longer to enter and the egg to remain more concentrated when frying or cooking. Let’s say the clear stays denser and the yolk centered.
It would give a little bit if we think to beat the eggs, so it would not be worrisome if we leave them outside or inside the refrigerator.

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