Polaroid camera the drawings Google draw
Polaroid camera the drawings Google draw

Many people buy a professional camera to take pictures with great quality, but in a world where everything is possible, you have to go in the opposite direction to get the attention of users.

This idea was taken by Dan Macnish, creator of the unique and irreverent Draw This, which turns out to be a camera that instead of reflecting as best and as faithfully as possible the images taken, turns them into drawings that a five-year-old would make .

The engineer and visual artist wanted to go beyond what has already been offered before and in great quantity, with his invention, which many may demerit for what he does to the photographs, but in reality it is an innovative device.

The latter is said by the neural network that uses its instant camera, which was inspired by the online game Google Quick Draw, which just uses that network to try to guess what people were trying to draw.

Camara Draw This 2
Camara Draw This 2

In this way and with the referents of the game, Macnish generated a database with more than 50 million drawings to power his camera.

This device, works thanks to the Raspberry Pi mini computer, the thermal printer and other electronic devices that it has inside, however something that does not count and that is what makes this procedure entertaining, is the viewer or preview screen .

Based on this, a person can take a photograph and the camera will turn it into a drawing instantly, printing it in real time, just like it works with Polaroid, but in a more fun way.

The creator said that everything is about mere entertainment:

You will never see the original image. You aim, shoot and look at the drawing. The camera makes the best possible interpretation of what it sees. The result is always a surprise. 
A photo of a salad can become a huge hot-dog or a photo with friends can be ruined by a goat.

In order to make everyone laugh for a while, Macnish uploaded the code of the camera to the Github network so that anyone could assemble it without any problem.

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