Drake Bell and Josh Peck
Drake Bell and Josh Peck

Drake Bell can not forget that Josh Peck did not invite him to his wedding…

It was something super painful for the singer and actor, because he considers Josh as a brother, and obviously the fact that he has not invited him to one of the most important days of his life, continues to hurt Drake!

After the drama that occurred, Josh had the opportunity to clarify things with Drake and tell him why he did not invite him, and during an interview for Seventeen, Drake told it all:

“It’s something you would have told your brother if you were not in the public eye and you had a lot of fans, in fact I also sent him a message and I told him, I just wanted to make sure he got the message, you know what I mean?

That’s the only reason I went to social networks with this. He had written to him personally, ‘Brother, what the hell? I’m here. We have talked, what is happening?

Of course it all boils down to, ‘Do you know what planning a wedding is? I have my wife saying this! It costs this. I’m trying if I want chicken, or beef, or lamb!… I do not know! I just want to get married, so do not take it personally, only a certain number of people were invited.”

OMG! It seems that Drake was not invited to the wedding because Josh forgot among so many preparations, how sad! It would have been nice to see Drake with Josh on that special day, do not you think?

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