Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match
Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match

Mobile games are serious thing in the Japanese country, and that we are on the eve of the release of ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ does not mean that they are launching new proposals in parallel. And if at the beginning of the year we talk about ‘Dragon Ball Z XkeeperZ’, now it’s time to do the same with ‘Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match’

Already available in Asia, ‘Bucchigiri Match’ combines elements of several collectible card games which – for practical purposes – is summarized in real-time matches between two players through cards of different types and oddities. Of course, one of the most interesting elements is that we can play from the mobile app or through the mobile browser.

Although clear, the appearance of the letters deserves a separate mention: each of the illustrations represents an iconic scene of the manganime and is animated with a spectacular that is in-crescendo according to the rarity of it.

Of course, beyond the competitive factor, it is the collector element that supports the game itself : in ‘Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match’ you bet on the free-to-play format, being able to unlock or buy new cards. The objective? As usual in this type of games, leaving the opponent without health points, although we will have the full arsenal of Son Goku and company techniques to color the issue.

And, for sample, here you have the last two gameplays of the game, starting with a brief tutorial in which you review the game system and the different abilities of each card.

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And concluding with more than four minutes of game in which we will see the system of improvements and transformations, while the fate of the land is disputed, once again facing Vegeta and Son Goku.

At the moment, ‘Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match’ has been released in Japan through iOS, Android or – if we prefer to save ourselves installing the app – from web browsers. However, it will not take long to see the Dragon Warriors walking on mobile phones: ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ will arrive in mid-June with a proposal for a charged fight of saiyans and explosions.

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