Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron confessed that she does not like the way social networks make her feel…

It was precisely with several messages in InstaStories where Dove expressed himself on the negative side of these digital communication platforms, he hates them!

“I really hate how it makes me feel Instagram, I think, and I hate how Twitter makes me feel and any kind of social network, whether I look at other people’s lives or how I represent my life, I hate everything. It’s super wrong to look at other people and I think there’s something really wrong with looking at yourself, it’s like walking with a mirror in front of you all day long, you do not even look into people’s eyes. if you were looking at yourself in a dream.”

Despite seeing this super dark side of social networks, Dove confessed that it also has its positive side:

I’m not condemning social networks, I think many of you know examples of when they’ve been used for good, when you’ve gathered people and blah, blah, blah and all that, but I do not think that’s… that is not exclusively what it is.

And I guess it’s about defining, because, why am I doing this video right now, if I’m talking about social networks in this confession. And I guess it’s about finding a way to positively use something that can be super insidious. But then, how do you leave it insidious in the door?

It’s like, too much information. Humans are not destined to have so much information put into their brains. We are destined to have simpler means of communication, we are destined to think about simpler things. Happiness is a simple emotion. Anxiety is super real and it is due to how complicated we are doing everything. But it is strange, because in our society, now, if you want to participate and you feel connected with what is happening around you and with the people around you, that means you are connected to this type of thing. We are all depressed”

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Studies reveal that social networks can cause increased anxiety and depression among young people; However, nothing is proven at all, what do you think? Do you think that social networks are bad? Maybe we just need to know how to use them properly so that they do not affect our self-esteem.

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