Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and The Weeknd
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and The Weeknd

The commitment of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson might seem rushed for The Weeknd

The recent commitment of Ari and Pete has taken us all by surprise, as they have been dating for a few weeks !, and although there have been several friends of both who support their intense love, there are those who have doubts that this works, and The Weeknd is one of them!

Or at least that’s what he implied when he liked the comment of a fan who said that this commitment would not doubt and end with broken hearts.

“I’m sensing him now, he’s going to end up with a restraining order from her, or he’ll end up pulling an OJ Simpson, this is not going to end well.”

The Weeknd liked it and now the fans believe that it is against the commitment of Ariana and Pete; However, the comment may have been funny for the singer and he never intended to give an opinion about the singer’s relationship, after all, Ari and The Weeknd have only in common Love Me Harder, the song they sang in duet.

Do you think The Weeknd really does not support Ariana’s commitment to Pete?

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