Microsoft To-Do
Microsoft To-Do

Lazada just over a year ago, Microsoft To-Do is the alternative devised by Microsoft to help users manage their daily tasks. An app clearly inspired by Wunderlist that since its launch has been receiving continuous updates.

The last one that has received adds an important visual improvement that makes Microsoft To-Do become compatible with the dark Windows theme. Previously we could see a blank screen that could be annoying to the eye. Microsoft adds its app to the trend that focuses on dark colors for our applications. Now we are going to teach you how to activate it.

And is that Microsoft To-Do does not offer many secrets. It is a simple app that however does not have a configuration menu accessible to the naked eye. In order to enable the dark theme in Microsoft To-Do, we must access the app and click on the user name in the upper left area.

We will see how a panel with the option “Configuration” is displayedand log out. We mark the first to access a very austere control panel where we will see three types of topics to use: clear, dark and the one defined by Windows.

The dark mode is applied on the fly and it only remains to go back in the application to check the advantages it offers.

It is the most striking improvement but not the only one that comes with this update and is that now we can also choose to always have visible a common task in the details view. In addition, the pending tasks in the shared lists are now included in Suggestions, so they will be more accessible to the naked eye.

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Microsoft To-Do can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free.

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