Benefits Practice Swimming
Benefits Practice Swimming

Practicing swimming brings a number of health benefits. Their positive contributions go beyond the physical, being a discipline that favors mental health and the release of stress. It is not surprising that this is considered one of the most complete sports activities there is.

Although swimming is a water sport, nowadays it is possible to practice it throughout the year. This makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy underwater. If you have spent a while spinning around in the pool and learning a few styles, stop doubting and cheer up. Next, we tell you all the benefits that this gives you. Surely you can not resist!

Physical benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the most complete and healthy sports we can find, since it requires the mobilization of the entire musculature to be able to start walking. Swimming at a constant rate for at least half an hour helps activate the metabolism and promotes fat burning. In addition, it helps to improve the state of pulmonary resistance, since it is a cardiovascular activity with great benefits for the health of your heart. It is ideal to tone the body and maintain an optimal physical condition.

Also, swimming is an activity without risk of impact , which is less harmful than others. Your joints come out benefited because they should not carry the weight of your body. In addition, swimming is highly recommended for people with problems or back pain. This favors body posture and serves as a rehabilitation in some injuries. Swimming favors blood circulation and helps keep your heart health in good condition.

At the muscular level, this sport involves the totality of the musculature. However, and mastering the technique correctly, you can focus the intensity on specific parts of your body. It helps in weight loss and improves the flexibility and coordination of your limbs.

Benefits of swimming at the mental level

But swimming is not only in physical health and in the most aesthetic part. It also has advantages over the state of your mind. Swimming favors relaxation and helps release tension and stress accumulated after a long and busy day. Therefore, not only will you be making a magnificent gift to your health, but you will help your mind to take a break. The feeling of weightlessness of water and the absence of noise, promotes relaxation and help in cases of insomnia. In addition, like other sports activities, favor the release of endorphins so important to enjoy a good mood.

Do not miss the benefits of swimming if you are pregnant.

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