You have all the qualities to be a teacher 10
You have all the qualities to be a teacher 10

The digital transformation has shown that the main role of the teacher is to guide and motivate their students.

These tips for teachers will help you be ready to practice the profession as skillfully as possible.

Teachers must be aware of their leadership role and that their attitude can determine the performance of their class.

Being a teacher is one of the professions in which soft skills can be determinant about the value of your work and the way in which it influences the students with whom you have to work.

New forms of learning, digital transformation and the evolution of social roles have changed the figure of the teacher. To be seen, in the past, as a source of knowledge whose purpose was to transmit knowledge, to evaluate students and require them to achieve some objectives; this has turned into a figure of leadership and inspiration that should motivate students to give their best and find a practical purpose for everything they learn.

Actually the teacher is now more a leader of a team that feeds on the experiences of their students, as they evolve in their learning, thanks to the guidelines set by their teacher.

Tips to be the best teacher

If your vocation to be a teacher, it is vital that you take into account these qualities and work on them during your university education and your work practices:

1. Implication

Being a teacher is a very vocational career, so you have to show interest in education, educational innovation and ways of learning that can be used.

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2. Learning and adaptation

They are the pillars on which good professionals are based and which are capable of applying in any situation, both to themselves and to their students.

3. Good communicator

Teachers must be very proficient in their ways of interacting with their class, as well as transmitting knowledge and motivation .

4. Interest

Many teachers say that the reason for choosing this profession is because they want to cause a good social impact and enjoy seeing how students evolve and grow.

5. Leadership

It must be a reference among the students and capable of guiding their formative evolution and showing them the responsibility they have and everything they can achieve.

6. Patience

Working with other people means knowing how to be patient, respectful and observant.

It is vital that teachers are good observers to detect problems among students and intervene in what they need.

7. Empathy

Your ability to understand and identify with your students will make you better professional.

8. Being able to open minds

Their interest in knowledge, culture and their concerns should open new paths for their students.

9. Know how to contextualize knowledge

The teacher must be connected to the reality that their students live, so that they can guide their training, give it a practical aspect and help them assimilate it.

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