Small Penis
Small Penis

No matter how many times you read that size does not matter, it will always be a challenge to engage in some sexual positions when the penis is very small. That is why we bring you a series of examples to not waste time and enjoy your erotic encounter.

1Doggy style

The position of the puppy is incredibly easy. It is only necessary for the woman to kneel and then flex herself to recharge in her arms or hands, depending on the depth preferred. To give her an interesting bonus, she can caress her clitoris while he pulls her hard from the waist.

2Face to face

No matter what it is, all the potions that place your chest in front of the other will be enjoyed more. However, if what you want is for this to happen soon, he should sit on the edge of the bed and she climb on his legs. The friction will help stimulate the clitoris.

3The cowgirl

An endearing position that could not be missed because it is the favorite of many (whether or not they have a small penis). In it the position is deeper and it is the woman who has total control of the rhythm. As a tip: try moving from front to back and not from top to bottom.

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