Jump to the Cajon benefits
Jump to the Cajon benefits

I present one of the favorite exercises to train explosiveness, power and strength in the legs. The jump to the drawer or box jump usually comprises of the routines of CrossFit and functional training, since we will not need more than a surface to which to jump with our own weight. Although it may not seem like it, it is one of the most complete movements to strengthen the whole body.

Jumping seems easy to you, huh? I assure you that when you start practicing it in different heights, things change. We do not mean to jump step type heights (which to start may be valid), but to reach 50-60 centimeters.
The vertical jump, with the two legs “together”, is a demanding exercise that works all the muscles of the lower train and the core. It is part of the plyometric exercises, which develop the explosive force and burn many calories.

How to make a good vertical jump?

It is neither easy nor impossible. I was one of those who stood in front of the drawer and I looked helpless, I was over the situation; until after handling the technique well, I broke the mental barrier. I confirm that everything is in the mind and if you want, you can.
Logically, the technique is essential to have a good fall and not hurt the knees or the tibia. We must jump not too far apart and with both legs at the same time. The key lies in jumping up and not forward, that’s why the ideal is to push close to the drawer.

Once you push yourself, when you reach the top do not block your knees. You must take advantage of its flexion to cushion the jump; that is, try to land in a squat. It is important that when you go down, you take a step or a small jump (leaving you to fall), but do not take the impulse to jump up. The impact is not the same if we jump up (the fall is minimal), that if we jump down.

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Start practicing in medium boxes, which provide stability and security. Once you have confidence, start raising the height of the drawer. The normal thing is that men can get to jump 60 centimeters and women 50; in my case I’m going by the 60 cm and I’m struggling to reach 75 cm. Each one puts on the goal that they like the most, you can also try not to resort to the impulse of the arms to have greater difficulty.

How can you improve the vertical jump?

We have been talking about gym drawers, although they also serve the park benches or the stairs of the house. To jump so alone you need imagination and a stable base.

As we said before, it is a plyometric exercise that improves power (force for speed). So the more strength and speed we get, the higher we jump. Neither does it imply that you have to be a donkey, always learn to control movements so as not to injure yourself.

If you want to learn to jump to the drawer or improve your jump it is important that:

  • Improve your strength. If you want to increase your jumping speed, it is essential that your body is strong to push you and cushion the fall.
  • Even if you reach your speed limit, you will always be able to increase your strength. So stagnating in this exercise will be difficult.
  • First improve the technique and then do it fast. It will be of little use to jump fast if you fall ill or hurt yourself.

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