Broken heart girls or boys
Broken heart girls or boys

Apparently science has the answer! All the life there has been the controversy of who it hurts the most to end up with their partner, them or them?

Even the scientists were wondering the same thing, so the University College of London and Binghamnton University decided to do a study with more than 5000 people from 96 countries, and these were the results:

It looks like we have a draw!

Scientists discovered that girls suffer much more than men when the relationship is over. Women show super high levels of emotional pain: they tend to become depressed, feel fear, anxiety and disability in many aspects; They also show physical pain, such as dizziness, lack of appetite and panic attacks.

On the other hand, it seems that men do not really suffer so much emotionally or physically after a breakup, but due to the lack of healing process, they never recover from it. That is, while women suffer more instantly, men do it in the long term; He studied that they drag the loss for months, years or sometimes all of life.

Therefore it is almost impossible to know who suffers the most!

And you, how long have you been slow to recover from a love break?

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