Good Technique For Masturbation
Good Technique For Masturbation

Cataloged with sin and persecuted by rigorous conservative morals, masturbation was accused of being a harmful practice, both morally and physically. Actually, it is a natural and very healthy practice.

The little information has generated some false myths about masturbation:

  • Single single people masturbate: The typical cliché of the bachelor who can not find a partner and has no choice but to take pleasure… Well, no! You can be single, be perfectly happy and have orgasms caressing you. Whether with your hands or with a sex toy, thinking about fantasies or memories, masturbation allows you to enter the seventh heaven in such a simple way that we should not miss the opportunity.
  • Men masturbate more: 81% of women admit having masturbated at some time, so we end up with this stupid myth all at once. Masturbation is a sexual technique that does men as well as women, it gives us pleasure and we want to do it.
  • When a woman masturbates it is because her partner does not satisfy her: The best way to enjoy good sex is to know oneself. What we like, what we do not like, what we want in each moment, how to get to orgasm fast, how to delay it… what makes us enjoy even more with the couple.
  • Does not generate real orgasms: It is false. Masturbation raises sexual desire and excitement, so the climax is authentic. It can even be used as a prelude to the couple.
  • It is bad for health: Rather it is the other way around. Masturbation keeps us healthier. By masturbating, increases the circulation of lymphocytes and the production of cytokines, cells that fight diseases and, therefore, strengthen our immune system.
  • In conclusion: Masturbate is great. The more we know about sex and our bodies, the less taboos there are in the world and we will be freer and happier to be who we are.

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