Oreo Cookie
Oreo Cookie

We’re not going to blame you too much if you’ve started eating a packet of cookies and have been unable to stop before you finish. Going through times of stress and anxiety makes us resort to foods with a high sugar content that in turn cause us a constant feeling of hunger. Yes, there are addictive foods and today we are going to tell you which are the ones that top the list.

That they are addictive is something done on purpose by manufacturers. Are they who are determined to enhancethe flavors, smells and even sounds that demonstrate certain neurological pleasure. It has been the magazine Eat This, Not That! which has collected the five most addictive foods in the world.


Learning to eat them has been a work of years, they even had to make advertisements to explain how to do it. In 2013, a study was published that claimed that Oreos cookies are as addictive as cocaine. The conclusion was drawn from the results that showed that the consumption of Oreo activates more brain membranes than the drug, but thus very difficult to stop eating them.


We are facing the favorite snack of many people in the world, which not only leaves your hands stained, but also has several flavors at once. Experts say that the content of monosodium glutamate favors the appetite and helps the food taste much more irresistible.


In an investigation that was made at the University of Michigan, several people were asked what was the most difficult food to control when they consumed it. Most of them highlighted chips due to the combination of starch, fats and high sodium.

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Microwave popcorn

There are many ways to take popcorn, but surely the most recurrent is the microwave version that we bought at the supermarket. Have you seen the tessitura of not being able to eat only a handful or even repeat a package? This is because the containers have diacetyl and pentanedione, which are two substances that dissipate in the air and send signals to the brain so that we want to continue eating.


This snack, like the Doritos, are a bane to keep your hands clean. No birthday party could miss the bowl of Cheetos, right? The problem is that, in addition to the null nutritional contribution, have a “leakage of caloric density.” That is, by not filling us in the mouth and get rid of the moment, our brain is not able to associate the amount of calories we take with the dose of hooks.

That is why they are usually taken in large quantities.

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