Leeks Health Protective
Leeks Health Protective

The leeks belong to the same family as the onions and garlic, but you certainly do not have them that much! All three foods share healthy properties, although the leek is softer in flavor. It is ideal to include in broths, vegetable creams or in green smoothies, healthy and nutritious.

Leeks have antibacterial, diuretic and optimal properties for circulation. This vegetable is considered a very effective natural medicine to treat intestinal diseases, gas accumulation, flatulence, diarrhea… In addition, it strengthens the immune system preventing the spread of various diseases.

Leeks provide folic acid and vitamin B9. They contain flavonoids with antioxidantanti-inflammatory, antiallergic and anti-asthmatic properties. In addition, it is ideal to protect the skin from possible damage caused by the sun. They are an important source of potassium, fiber, calcium and vitamin C.

Benefits of consuming leeks

Regulates cholesterol

A diet rich in vegetables such as leek, helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, making it adjust levels in a healthy way. In this way, it keeps the arteries in good condition, helping to prevent heart disease.

Diuretic action

The leek favors the elimination of liquid helping to treat retention. In this way, it is depurative since it contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body. This gives an important function in case of urinary diseases, helping the health of the kidneys and preventing the appearance of certain related ailments. For all this it is very used in slimming diets whose objective is the loss of weight.

Respiratory system

Because of its shared properties with garlic and onions, leeks are excellent for preventing colds and other diseases of the respiratory system, such as pharyngitis or angina.

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Leeks as part of a slimming diet

Leeks provide the body with a large number of benefits with little fat. It is a vegetable with a high water content. Its potent diuretic action helps eliminate toxins through urine and greatly improves health. Leek is an ideal vegetable for physical condition, because of its high doses of fiber and its potassium content, which helps regulate the levels of fluids in the body. It favors intestinal transit, which makes our digestive system work perfectly.

So you know, if you’re one of those who underestimated the advantages of this food, start changing the chip!

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