Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger

The actress Diane Kruger (41 years old) would be expecting her first offspring along with actor Norman Reedus, one of the protagonists of the acclaimed series “The Walking Dead” and the man who conquered the heart of the German performer more than a year and a half.

It has been the US magazine Us Weekly that has released the news this Wednesday citing sources close to the two lovers, who have not hesitated to reveal that the artist did not taste a single drop of alcohol during the holidays to which He recently attended the Festival de Cannes.

The first rumors about the possibility that the artist had embarked on her first adventure in motherhood – her partner is already the father of a young man of 18 years, fruit of her previous relationship with the model Helena Christensen – emerged only a few weeks and with the famous film contest as a backdrop. And it is that, in all the occasions in which it had to appear before the photographers, Diane opted for long and baggy dresses with which to disguise its figure.

Little given to share details about his private life and, especially, about his love record, the film star and former model made a brief exception to his recent informative policy to reflect at length on the new approach with which he addresses the sentimental relationships.

“There are certain things that I no longer accept, I believe that in long-term relationships there are people who start making excuses and giving up certain things that do not prevent the relationship from working perfectly. As I get older, I start to put certain red lines on those aspects that I am not willing to give up, “he explained about the need to maintain a wide margin of autonomy.

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