Dwayne Johnson and Dani Rovira
Dwayne Johnson and Dani Rovira

In Hollywood tend to be very attentive to the great local success, whether to see if it is interesting to carry out a remake or to tempt the stars of these films. Everything points to that has happened in the case of Dani Rovira, since the protagonist of ‘8 Basque surnames’ will make the leap to Hollywood adding to the cast of ‘Jungle Cruise’, one of the next titles of the incombustible Dwayne Johnson.

Everything points to Rovira having a minor role in the film – the most logical thing would be that the typical role of the “funny” secondary fell on him – because previously had already announced the signings of Emily Blunt, Jesse Plemons, Jack Whitehall and Edgar Ramirez. At the same time that the presence of the Spanish comedian has been confirmed, the arrival of Veronica Falcon and Andy Nyman has also been revealed.

Recall that behind the cameras we have the Catalan Jaume Collet-Serra and that maybe he had something to do with the hiring of Rovira. Collet-Serra ruled out the possibility of directing the sequel to ‘Suicide Squad’ to handle this film based on a Disney attraction. I’m very curious to see how the script written by JD Payne and Patrick McKay, which has been recently reviewed by Michael Green – ‘Logan’ – is that.

In the attraction you take a guided tour of the rivers of the world . I had the chance to enjoy it at Orlando’s Disney Park and it was more relaxed, one of those attractions to lower a bit the adrenaline after so many emotions. I doubt that the shots in his film adaptation are going to go around, since it is most likely a vibrant adventure film. And is that Disney expects to become a franchise in the style of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

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