The rest is not a good idea
The rest is not a good idea

Many of us have verified that a slice of bread exhibited a mold contaminated area, we have cut that area and we have eaten the rest of the bread, which seemed to be in good condition.

However, doing that is not a good idea because we can not be sure that the mold has not contaminated the rest of the bread (although we can not see it).

Soft foods

This occurs in soft foods such as sliced ​​bread. It is very easy for mold to penetrate new areas of the food. The roots of the mold spores go much further in the bread than our eyes can see.

There may be some room for maneuver when it comes to sliced ​​bread that comes in a bag. If you can see that one end of a bread is clean inside and out, it is safe to keep it. But bread is a cheap food, it is better not to risk it.

Bread is not the only food with which you can not cut the pieces of mold and eat the rest. Jams, soft fruits and meat should also be thrown away once mold is found anywhere. However, there is good news. Harder foods such as carrots and hard cheeses can be rescued by cutting visible mold, since their roots can not move so fast through their hard surfaces. Just to be sure, it is recommended to cut an additional three centimeters of food around the mold.

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