Kylie bodyguard is Stormi dad
Kylie bodyguard is Stormi dad

Just when it seems that the Kardashian-Jenners have had enough drama for, what will it be? 24 hours?!, A new rumor circulates around Kylie and does not sound good at all.

Fans on Twitter began a theory in which it is suspected that the small Stormi Webster is rather the daughter of a sexy bodyguard, who has worked for years with Kylie, and who previously also did for Selena Gomez.

Tim Chung is a handsome Asian-American who, coincidentally or not, shares nice features with Stormi, and although Kris Jenner is probably not happy with any of that, is this just another crazy Internet conspiracy?, or Travis has been tricked for a long time?

1Some fans have convinced themselves that Stormi has another father

Be? Let’s see his theory

2Tim Chung is his long-time bodyguard

Fans on Twitter are confident that Stormi’s features are much more similar to those of Tim Chung than to those of Travis Scott: from his eyes, eyebrows, hair entrances and even color and shape of the lips.

3But… I do not know, Rick

We have doubts… What do not most 3-month-old babies have ripped eyes?

4This is a case for the FBI

Kris, are you the one behind all this? We would not hesitate for a second.

5Here the really IMPORTANT question is…

Next to this man who looks at another living being? Jenner, are you blind?

7Tim Chung does not seem to care about these rumors

The still bodyguard of Kylie seems not to be a bit worried about this conspiracy theory, he has remained active in his social networks and seems unconcerned with the rumors. Travis and Kylie, how will you feel about that?

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