Lady Gaga surgeries
Lady Gaga surgeries

The controversy that has been unleashed in the world of show business and certainly in the universe of fans of the American artist is impressive. The root of all this is that there is speculation about a supposed Gaga addiction for plastic surgeries despite being a “faithful” promoter of acceptance “as you are born” of yourself. From there his simple “Born this way” and from which his fans feel “cheated”. Discover today all the most controversial of Lady Gaga’s surgeries that have cataloged her as a “liar”.

Lady Gaga surgeries:

1Hip surgery:

This first of the Lady Gaga surgeries that we will be listing today was not really because of any aesthetic character, at all, it was by medical indication. Even after this operation Gaga was a lapse of time -approximately a few months- in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and wheelchair. But what happened? What happened was that severe pain began in her right hip as a result of a ligament inflammation that brought her to the operating table. However, his recovery came before the stipulated and surprised everyone performing at the  concert of jazz singer Brian Newman, at the Rose Bar of the Gramercy Park hotel, located in New York in May 2013. Good for Gaga!

3Breast implants:

Although we are aware that Lady Gaga has had certain ups and downs in terms of weight, it seems that she also underwent breast augmentation through the placement of breast implants. Look at the pictures!

4Other surgeries and aesthetic procedures:

Really for us, the fact that we have operated nose and breasts does not make us claim that Gaga is addicted to surgeries, but, according to her “monsters” as she calls her fans, they indicate that if it is already who has changed his face through fillers on the lips, subcutaneous implants and a probable facelift. But none of this is confirmed by her so in surgeries.We will not echo that news.

Before and after Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga before being famous

Lady Gaga after surgeries

Lady Gaga before and after

Plastic surgery of Lady Gaga

Tell us! Do you think that Lady Gaga’s surgeries are a mistake when she is the singer of the single “Born This Way”?

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