Your customers' online and offline brand experience
Your customers’ online and offline brand experience

Whether you are starting your business or your organization has years of experience, in both cases you must have digital exposure to reach more with less. And this one less is a saying, because digital efforts can be as complex as your strategy and budget allow. With this I do not mean that the physical scenario (the offline) disappears, on the contrary. It is an opportunity to give life and greater exposure to your brand.

Therefore, this time we will delve into how you can align your onlineexperience with offline and vice versa, through a plan that you can implement and execute as soon as possible. Remember that this is not definitive, because in the words of Rebecca Lieb, speaker for Content Marketing World: “You have to evangelize and test specific initiatives of the department to boost bottom-up support“.

  1. First of all, make sure you have the right team. Hire a person responsible for the strategy that embodies and lives both the brand and the strategy, it is not enough to execute it because it is your job. I assure you that it will be much easier for you to translate the offline experience into online experiences, testimonials, motivation, etc.
  2. Learn from your audience and not only demographic, qualitative and quantitative data, but also localization. The more you know about your environment, the more you can connect your dialogue with it to provide authenticity and reference.
  3. Create a content culture starting internally and then direct it to your audience. Search how to group and generate information about your company that can be translated into pieces such as whitepapers, blog, posts, etc. and share them At this point it is very important to analyze the content calendar, what parts call the action to the establishment or offer a demo? Which talk about benefits with testimonials? Here I share a source that can guide them more in this area.
  4. Do not forget to document and measure each and every one of the offlineand online efforts. An example: if you made an event and its coverage was uploaded to your digital channels, record how many publications, interactions and types of format you occupied. All the details that you can collect will give you the guidelines for future actions and, above all, they will indicate if you were successful.
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Named “New Retail” by Alibaba, here I share a very interesting case about the evolution – and merger – of online with offline.

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