China will have its own Wikipedia
China will have its own Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of those online encyclopedias that is demonized or blessed. Some people consider it a crap and some believe it is a good option to get information. In my opinion, Wikipedia is useful but you should not stay with this option because there is much more to investigate in general. Perhaps the interesting thing about it is that it is a community effort and in this way political biases, tendencies, are mostly avoided.

Now the Chinese government has decided to hire 20 thousand people to create their own online Wikipedia, which will be all that does not pretend to be the original Wikipedia, that is, it will be absolutely biased by the official propaganda of that country. The Chinese government calls this “the great wall of culture.”

Known as the “Chinese encyclopedia”, this governmental effort will enter the Internet for the first time in 2018 and the government in question is employing tens of thousands of schoolchildren from universities and research centers to contribute articles in more than 100 disciplines. It is expected that you will have a knowledge base with more than 300 thousand entries, each with approximately 1000 words in length.

“The Chinese encyclopedia is not a book, but a great wall of culture,” says Yang Muzhi, the editor-in-chief of the project. He says China has been pressured by the international community to produce an encyclopedia that will “guide the public and society (on Chinese issues).”

The need for an online reference encyclopedia is part of the blockade that China has imposed on the original Wikipedia. Internet companies in China such as Baidu and Qihoo 360 operate their own online encyclopedias, but none of these efforts is comparable in magnitude with what Wikipedia does and how much information it presents.

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The Chinese goal seems to be to showcase the latest scientific and technological developments, promote historical heritage and increase cultural power, as well as reinforce the core values ​​of socialism, according to Yang, who clarifies that it is not about making a copy of the Wikipedia:

We have the largest and best quality equipment in the world. Our goal is not to equate ourselves with others, but to surpass them.

With some 720 million users, China has the largest Internet population by a large margin but it is probably the country with the most restrictive laws against the network of networks. President Xi Jingping has publicly called for greater cooperation among nations to develop and govern the Internet network, but he and his communist party do not seem to see the restrictive measures their own country has imposed on its citizens.

In fact they have the so-called “Great ‘firewall of China” as the most sophisticated censorship tool that is being used today, blocking the parts of the network of networks that the government considers uncomfortable.

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