Celia Lora bikini
Celia Lora bikini

Celia Lora, the daughter of rocker Alex Lora, once again boasted her sexy figure on her official Instagram account by showing off her marked abdomen in a bikini.

The model is visiting Las Vegas in the company of a friend, moment that took the opportunity to show off their attributes at the Encore Beach Club, whose publication has more than 33 thousand likes.

In another publication, Celia caused controversy by appearing dressed in black and suggestively hugging a girl named Rachel, in addition to grabbing her butt, a time that her followers loved, as she got thousands of likes in a few hours.

Lora, who usually indulges her fans with snapshots in which she appears with very little clothes or in lingerie, showed her figure to the nude, although respecting the norm that prohibits showing nipples in this social network, so she only marked them with some lines white

The rocker’s daughter has starred in several scandals, since eight years ago she was involved in a car accident where a person lost her life, in addition to increasing her bust and posing for Playboy.

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