Celebrities who identified with their characters
Celebrities who identified with their characters

Ansel Elgort

Ansel and Augustus, from Under the Same Star, have much in common: ‘Augustus is peculiar, weird, and nerdy. This is how I am in real life. Really! I paint in miniatures and play video games. I have a lot in common with that boy!

Dove Cameron

“Like Maddie, I am very shy and definitely weird with children, I am very competitive and academic, but I am also like Liv, I have a lot of energy and sometimes I am like a puppy because I am very affectionate”.

Emma Watson

“Hermione has a lot of me, I was very nerdy and I was a bit insecure, I was not very feminine, I was not very popular or anything like that, basically it was her.”

Jennifer Lawrence

“I do not know what it is like to prepare for your death, but I do know what it is to be almost a puppet.” When I was doing the second part, I became more familiar with that world and it’s something like what Katniss goes through. She feels much safer on the Capitol, she understands people more and she is not mysterious or unknown, she knows how to work in the system. ”

Lucy Hale

“I’m very similar to Aria, when they gave me the script, they said ‘Lucy, choose a character.'” The one that caught my attention was Aria, who is very creative and stubborn, stubborn and daring. ”

Dylan O’Brien

“As an actor you always put part of yourself in your roles, whether intentional or not, it’s something beautiful, it has to happen, Thomas, the things that I identify with are that he’s a thinker. he is considering everything and is curious, he does not like not knowing things, there is a courage inside him, it is a passion, it is something that not many people have “.

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Josh Hutcherson

“I feel like a lot of what I am, is Peeta, it drove me crazy at the audition because I thought ‘This is so me, it hurts, if I do not get the part, I’m not even good at being me’.

Cara Delevingne

“I think the strange thing is when I read the book and the script, there were a lot of stories and things that happened with the ones I identified with, a lot of things that it says in the script, I said before, what surprised me very much … she is very impulsive, almost always guided by instinct, which I think is what we share the most “.

Shailene Woodley

“I completely relate to your ‘Fight, do not fly’, I’m a fighter, but I also grew up with psychologists, so they educated me with empathy, disinterest and compassion, I believe in the combination of being brave and fighting, being sensitive and educated.”

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