Captain America Beard Look
Captain America Beard Look

After the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, the Internet has not been interested if Spider-Man wears a new suit, if the Hulk and the Black Widow are reunited or if Thanos tries to destroy the universe. What has most impacted the spectators has been the lush beard that looks Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

The new look of the character has become a trend on Twitter and has been mentioned approximately 20 thousand times. Our good boy has become the most desired man.

1Steve Rogers is now a sex symbol

Everything indicates that the best thing about seeing Avengers: Infinity War  is the new  look of Steve, with longer hair and an extremely attractive beard.

2In the beginning, it was not very attractive

But little Steve ended up reminding us of a lesson: “Never ignore the ugly kid in high school.”

3He managed to become the boy of our dreams

And it was impossible to resist him.

4Imagine the strength of your hugs

They would be perfect to snuggle in during a storm or a night of horror movies.

5The intensity of their kisses

Surely teaching him to kiss after being frozen so long would be a pleasure.

6Your romantic way of loving

In truth, Peggy was fortunate to be in her heart for so many years.

7There’s no doubt that Steve is one of the good guys

Of those we all want in our life.

8But Steve with a beard… is the sexiest in the world

Just look at it: it’s magnificent, majestic.

10Steve has said goodbye to his sweet style

And we are completely grateful.

11To become a bad boy

So bad that it is sensually unrecognizable.

12Even Thor noticed the magic of Steve’s beard

By the way the change of Thor in this movie is also to applaud.

13And the best of all…

We can continue watching it in more movies. Thanks, Marvel! For bringing to our world superheroes so attractive.

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