Hair Fall
Hair Fall

Does your hair fall? If you have noticed an increase in hair loss in recent times, either by frequency or quantity, it is better that you begin to remedy it as soon as possible. And from home remedies goes today’s article: we tell you how you can stop hair loss with a couple of natural ingredients.

Hair is one of the biggest beauty badges for both men and women and its fall usually represents a problem beyond the aesthetic factor. If you are prone to baldness, the first thing you should know is that, in most cases, it is hereditary, so it is likely that you will not eradicate it completely, but at least delay or stop it.

Take note and we tell you  two homemade remedies to stop hair loss.

How to stop hair loss: data and remedies that will help you understand it better

One of the things you are probably wondering is whether your hair loss is normal. Let’s see: in autumn, it is normal for more hair to fall out of the bill and yes, it is also normal that when brushing you lose hair. In fact, it is estimated as normal values ​​between  30 and 100 hairs per day. But if you take a while that the brush picks up much more hair than usual or if you notice much weaker hair, remedy this  alopecia or baldness.

Before giving you the home remedies that will help you, we also recommend that you check  your diet and your lifestyle: stress or a protein deficient diet make you suffer this hair loss. Also hormonal imbalances or certain drugs. Check if there is anything that may be influencing the health of your hair.

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Home remedies to stop hair loss:


Ok, the smell is not going to be very pleasant, but the onion juice is known as one of the best natural remedies to stop hair loss. You just have to extract its juice and massage the scalp with it. In addition to repairing the health of your hair, it will also clean it excellently thanks to its antibacterial properties. Leave on for half an hour and wash the hair in the usual way. You can always do it before washing your hair, there is no problem in using it several times a week.

Green Tea:

Prepare an infusion of green tea and when it has settled and tempered, apply it on the scalp massaging to promote capillary regeneration. Let it act for about an hour and then wash your hair as usual.

Like the onion remedy, you can use green tea before washing whenever you want. Remember also that it is not good to wash your hair every day. In case you get dirty quickly, you can wash it day after day, no. Or, if you do not have this problem, a couple of times a week will suffice. It always depends on you.

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