Our shopping list is increasingly sophisticated. Food and unpronounceable drinks sneak into it without us noticing, from the green coffee to the açai bowl and the kombucha. Because, to modern people nobody wins us, and when it comes to nutrition, either. However, sometimes you have to put the brakes on and use the usual, those basics that carry the seal of quality that attracts us, that ‘this is all life’. But not for that we stay calm. The doubts come back, because the more information we have, the more we complicate our lives. What if it turns out that it is not good to drink a glass of cow’s milk at breakfast? More than one will say that: ‘Stop the world, let me go down!’, But in reality it makes much more sense than you think.

Drink cow's milk at breakfast
Drink cow’s milk at breakfast

And the best time of the day to drink cow’s milk is…

No, certainly according to experts, it’s not breakfast. The nights, on the other hand, if they have their approval. The reason? In the first place, the time required for digestion can make us feel more sleepy, so it is discarded as a resource before flying to work. In addition, it can interfere with other meals of the day, so it is best to reserve it for that moment of calm before going to bed.

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In fact, much has been said about its ability to facilitate sleep, and reasons are not lacking. This is due to some of the substances found in it:


1. Tryptophan: an essential amino acid that promotes the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep and pleasure.

2. Vitamin B12: which facilitates the synthesis of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep cycles.

With what substitutes do we have?

Fortunately today, the alternatives are numerous . If you have trouble eliminating cow’s milk from your breakfast, you can not only opt for the well-known soy milk, but you can try the almond, (rich in calcium and phosphorus) rice, (easily digested) the coconut, (with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and fiber) or oats (a great source of fiber). And if these proposals do not seduce you, you can always resort to infusions, from green tea to wake up to the ponytail to start the day with your digestive system in shape.

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The trick of the grandmother:

We do not discover anything if we talk about adding honey to milk. Obviously, it is well known. However, you may never have considered why this combo works so well on sleepless nights. Well, it turns out that honey also contains tryptophan, so in combination with the one that owns the milk, this duet is infallible. But you know, nothing to eat it at breakfast if you do not want to stumble around the office like a zombie.

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