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Can we train seven days a week?

Train every day week
Train every day week

On more than one occasion we have told you how important rest is for your muscles, but surely you also know someone who trains six or seven days a week. It is healthy? Is not it true that we can suffer constant muscular overloads? The reality is that everything will depend on training, routines, your diet and, even, genetics.

Some people do trainings separating the muscles, others do full-body routines and others alternate different activities in the week (yoga, pilates, functional, combat…). That’s why some athletes can afford to attend the gym every day, if they wanted to, and not need a rest day. If you prepare a good routine, it is very safe that you train 7/7 without risk of injury due to overloads or over-training. 
Logically, your training time can not be more than one hour a day if you plan to return to training the next day (unless you are professional, of course). You will end up wearing out and overloading your muscles.

Does it benefit from training without programmed rest?

Improve your health

Keeping active during the day and doing physical exercise gives us a better quality of health. Our genetics is activated daily thanks to sports, making our metabolism stay awake and not slow down. Also, maintaining active metabolism can help us live longer , reduce the risk of diseases or cardiovascular problems.

It burns more body fat

You do not have to be very intelligent to understand that the more you move, the more calories you spend and, therefore, the more fat you lose. As long as you do not have an excess of calorie consumption, because then it will not serve so much.

  Is it advisable to train if we have stiffness?

Daily training causes our metabolism to be active daily in our muscle fibers, so fat burning will be greater if we keep those fibers active every day. Of course, the training should be low resistance to not overload.

Increase your muscle growth

A study showed that performing full-body routines every day, we can improve the growth and strength of our muscles. The genes involved in muscle growth and synthesis are activated by resistance training and activate the processes of protein synthesis. This results in greater muscle size and strength. As we do not rest any day, that process always remains activated.


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