Home Health Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant?

Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant?

Practicing pregnant Yoga
Practicing pregnant Yoga

Many pregnant women wonder if they can continue to exercise during pregnancy. And it depends on each woman, the circumstances of her pregnancy and the type of exercise, it is advisable or not. Whatever your case, it is essential to follow the advice of your doctor and, under no circumstances, start any sports routine without the consent of the same. The yoga is considered an excellent exercise for the months pregnant. We tell you!

Yoga is one of the most appropriate activities to practice during pregnancy. It presents many benefits, although it must be borne in mind that, like everything else, it has a series of contraindications that you should keep in mind. Therefore, if you are going to start in the world of yoga, especially being pregnant, do not forget to inform yourself and consult with your doctor everything you need to know. That you do not have any questions left undone. Here are some benefits of this wonderful practice.

Benefits of practicing yoga in pregnancy

Yoga is a soft, low impact activity that has many advantages for mom and baby. It is a calm discipline that has immediate positive effects on emotional well-being. The moments of relaxation and meditation, provide an internal stability that favors the confidence and confidence of women.

In addition to this, it reduces stress , releases tension accumulated in the body and strengthens the immune system. Also, numerous studies have shown that practicing certain exercises can reduce pain during childbirth. It is a very effective way to increase energy and face each stage with vitality and positivity.

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Yoga not only has internal and emotional benefits, but also helps reduce back pain by improving body posture. It tones the body, so it keeps the mother in shape in face of the obvious changes that the body can suffer. Induces relaxation , so it promotes restful sleep and it is a very nice experience to perform during pregnancy. Directing the attention towards the breath, increases the consciousness about the same and about the process that your body is carrying out.

And there are many physical and mental changes that a woman faces in her pregnancy. So an exercise that helps them assimilate and live them, is ideal and very positive. In addition, although yoga can be practiced from home, go to a center and share the dynamics with more people is highly recommended. In this way the mother shares the experience with other people, takes pride in her body and feels an increase in her safety and confidence.


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