Boulder Intrepid Sport
Boulder Intrepid Sport

If you are fond of climbing, or would like to try such activity, attentive. Today we bring you a discipline that was born as a form of training for climbers and that, finally, has been made a hole in isolation. It’s about the Boulder. If you have never heard this term, you are sure to know what is for all audiences. We tell you!

What is Boulder?

Boulder consists of climbing blocks of stone without using ropes. It is done at a certain height, so that jumping and falling to the ground is not dangerous. Like climbing, you can practice both outdoors and in a closed area. In this way, in Boulder rooms you can learn the different maneuvers you need to know to execute the practice correctly. One of its main advantages is the economic that results since, in the open air, you will not need more than the feet of cat and a mat. This is left on the floor, next to the wall or wall, and receives your jump so that it is not risky or harmful.

Boulder is a sport with many benefits since it acquires all the advantages of outdoor sports. It allows to breathe pure air and enjoy wonderful landscapes. In addition, it is an ideal practice to perform in a group, which has a social aspect that adds much value to the execution.

Is Boulder for everyone?

The Boulder is a sport for both people who are starting for the first time in the world of climbing, as for professionals. If you belong to the first group, you must take into account the need to take your time to improve and acquire the technique. As you learn, you will feel more and more involved in the dynamics.

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What really determines the difficulty in practice, and makes it a sport for beginners or experts, is usually the verticality of the wall. When it is straight or leaning forward, the difficulty is less; since when lying down it facilitates the ascent. When the wall is tilted back, the difficulty increases. Also, the size of the grips also determines the level of intensity. However, a vertical wall will always be simpler than a collapsed one.

You know, if we have managed to awaken your interest, do not hesitate. Remember that Boulder is for everyone and you can become a great expert, if you propose. Search your sport, research and stay activated. Physical exercise is key to enjoy a good quality of life.

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