Benefits Swimming during pregnancy
Benefits Swimming during pregnancy

Exercising in the pool is highly recommended for a wide variety of objectives. Either for the recovery after an injury, to improve some pathology or, simply, to be in shape. During pregnancy, many moms and future moms wonder what exercise they can do without risk. The swimming is a great option. We tell you!

Pregnancy is not a reason to have to stand and put the sport aside. It is true that we must be careful with over-efforts and with certain types of activities. But, with the help, consent and recommendations of the specialist, we can continue with an active life.

Exercise in water and pregnancy

Practicing exercise in the water, helps the future moms feel light and relaxed even with the weight of the tripita. It is ideal to stop feeling the load on your back, because, in the water, during that little while, you get more comfort. Since the body weighs less, you can perform certain movements and exercises that out of the water would be more complicated. In addition, the water pressure prevents too abrupt movements and this avoids certain risks.

Swimming in pregnancy

Although swimming is one of the most recommended sports disciplines for pregnant women, it is essential that, before starting, you consult with your specialist. The doctor is the one who always has the last word, but, in case he does not put an impediment, swimming can be very positive. As the belly changes, you will have to adapt certain swimming styles to make it more pleasant. Of course, it is not an activity for any competitive purpose. It should be done in a calm, relaxed and pleasant way, without overloads or overloads.

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Swimming will allow you to relax and release the tension caused by the weight your body supports. In the water, with a soft swim, the joints relax and your body can “rest”. In addition, you will acquire greater flexibility and resistance in a natural way, without getting tired or taking your chances to the limit. It has many benefits for circulation , so it is a method that prevents the appearance of varicose veins, stretch marks, swelling and cramps.

Physical and mental well-being

In addition to providing toningrest and resistance to your physical body, your mind will also be nourished by the advantages of swimming. The mental well – being is very important during the months of gestation. Swimming reduces stress and nerves and gives the mind an ideal peace for your health and the baby’s. Also, exposing your body, in constant change, will make you aware of the wonderful period you are going through. Show the little girl and maintain the social relationships that sport brings, contributes to an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.

So you know, if you’re about to be a mom, you do not have to stop being active. Remember to always consult your specialist and enter the water to enjoy this wonderful moment.

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