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Benefits of spinal torsion postures in yoga

Benefits Spinal Yoga Torsion
Benefits Spinal Yoga Torsion

The yoga offers a tremendous amount of benefits for the body and mind. Depending on the postures or asanas you practice, you will be favoring certain aspects. There are torsion exercises, included in different types of yoga, whose execution can vary in difficulty, but healthy in any of its variants.

It is recommended that, in a yoga session, some spinal torsion exercise should never be missed. To perform it correctly, it is necessary to place the focus of attention on the breath. Also, being aware of the mobilization of the vertebrae, will help you understand what the posture is about and the positive impact it has on your body.

Benefits of performing torsion postures in yoga

Increase in flexibility

By performing this type of postures, you will increase muscle flexibility in the back, abdominal and oblique areas. The compression of these muscles can cause lower back pain and poor body posture. Therefore, execute this type of asanas , get the stretch of the area. If every time you do these exercises, you try to go a little further, you will notice how, progressively, your flexibility increases remarkably. This translates into greater comfort and well-being in your day to day.

Joint movement

Poor posture or spending too many hours sitting can cause back pain or pathologies that prevent you from performing your tasks with ease. When you practice twisting asanas, you are helping your vertebrae move and giving your body a better health.

Internal health

Spinal twists cause some internal organs to be directly favored. And it is that it exerts an internal pressure that benefits the process of oxygenation of the blood. There are positions that have advantages over certain specific organs.

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Emotional well-being

In addition to being able to increase your energy, yoga exercises, including twisting, help you release the accumulated tensions. In this way, there is a notable release of stress that translates into well-being and quality of life. Accompany each asana with the corresponding nasal breathing, is a guarantee of the internal balance so necessary to face life.

Other benefits of spinal rotation or torsion

  • Useful to combat constipation
  • Balances energy channels
  • Relieves pain in cases of scoliosis or rheumatism
  • Massage the abdominal organs, such as the spleen, pancreas, intestines, stomach, liver and kidneys
  • Tones the spinal nerves
  • Provides flexibility to the ligaments of the spine


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