Bella Hadid and The Weeknd
Bella Hadid and The Weeknd

It seems that The Weeknd will have to fight for the forgiveness of Bella Hadid’s family…

Everything indicates that Bella and The Weeknd have decided to give themselves a new opportunity, because they were seen super romantic and even kissing at a party in Cannes; However, not everything is honey over flakes, because Bella’s family does not accept that she forgives The Weeknd.

“Bella is being extremely secretive about her status with Abel because her family does not approve, they have not forgiven him for the way he treated her, he not only broke his heart, but demolished it.” She was in the background for a long time after They did not want to see her go back to that dark place, they just do not trust him and Bella totally understands her, she knows they’re just trying to protect her, “said Hollywood Life.

The media assures that in spite of everything, Bella can not avoid being afraid of being with Abel, she is afraid of being hurt again: ” But she still loves Abel, no one else has been able to make her forget him. She struggles between her head and her heart, and for that reason, she has not fully accepted being with him yet, she is not ready.

Then there are all the people who will judge her for taking him back after all of Selena’s situation. Undoubtedly, that is embarrassing and uncomfortable for her, but that is not what holds her back. This is much more about Abel putting the time and effort to show Bella and her family that she deserves a second chance.”

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OMG! It seems that The Weeknd will have to do a lot of merits to win back the trust of Bella and her family, do you think she will achieve it?

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