Becky G
Becky G

Becky G says that not everything in the Latino community is rosy…

During an interview with EFE, Becky said that although he is extremely proud of her Latin roots, there is a feature of our culture that has always bothered him a lot, and even has become an obstacle to realize their dreams: The Machismo.

“It was very interesting when, with my music in English, they said to me: ‘You have your voice to sing but the rest, silence, we are not going to listen to what you have to say, your opinion does not matter.’ And that affected me a lot as an artist because I have my message, my story: how can I not share my ideas with the world?”

Things got even worse when she decided to sing in Spanish: “I came to Latin music and, as a Mexican woman in urban music, it was a bigger problem, there are many beautiful things in the Latino culture, but what I do not like is the As a child, they tell you that women have all the responsibility, children can play, but women have to be able to clean the house, clean clothes, be a good wife, a good mom.

Fortunately, Becky never gave up and kept fighting for what she wanted, and now she has achieved great success as an urban genre singer: “I found my voice, my message, my style, my everything: I found myself very sexy. They are impossible when you are a woman because you are a woman.

The difference is that artists like Shakira or Jennifer Lopez already knew them as women, but they knew me as a girl. Now I am a woman, I am 21 years old and I have a message that is bigger: Empower women, teach women who can. ”

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Becky G comes with everything to succeed, and we love the super positive and secure attitude that she wants to transmit to her fans, triumph in a macho community is not easy.

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