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Becky G does not let her insecurities control her!

The star revealed her secret to keep this feeling at bay

Becky G
Becky G

Becky G does not want her insecurities to dominate her life…

The singer of “Mayores”, has been characterized by living a super fitness life, take care of what she eats and do a lot of exercise, and although this began to cover an insecurity, Becky now practices it to take care of her mental health.

Becky told in her social networks that she recently suffered a knee injury for overdoing the exercise, and explained how maintaining a healthy and positive attitude, not only helps you heal, it also protects you from obsessing with getting the perfect body:

“With the pressure of the industry in which I work, I constantly felt that I was drowning, in comparisons, expectations, insecurities, you would never notice because of the mentality of ‘the show must continue.’ The sad part is that it never ends. So, instead of falling into doubt, I’m going to show you how to swim.

Before, my intentions to exercise were just having the typical ‘dream body’. Guess what! I never got there… it was not inspiring. Instead, I felt discouraged. I’m here. Finally ready for the beginning of a new chapter. Conquering my anxiety and gaining control of my mental health. My motivation is bigger than just the perfect body, it’s for my health in general.”

We love Becky’s attitude, we should all take care of our health, not only physical but also mental, do not you think?


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