Becky G celebrated with Sebastian Lletget
Becky G celebrated with Sebastian Lletget

With the most beautiful and romantic message, Becky G celebrated 2 years of being with Sebastian Lletget

There’s nothing cuter than celebrating love with romance, and that’s how Becky celebrated 2 years of living super romantic moments with her boyfriend Sebastian.

The star of Mayores shared on his Instagram the most romantic message to celebrate his second anniversary, along with a photo album with super romantic moments of the beautiful couple.

“Two years and counting, honestly, it seems that this smile has not been erased from my face since the night you sat in front of me and you asked me to be yours… Thanks for the laughter, the screams, the endless support, honesty, friendship and love.

It has not been perfect, but it has been worth it. What we have I treasure so much. Happy Anniversary. I can not wait to celebrate with you when I get home. I’ve been thinking about this all day. I miss you like crazy: Becky wrote.

Two years & counting. Honestly, It feels like this smile hasn’t left my face since that very night you sat across from me & asked me to be yours… Thank you for the laughs, cries, endless support, honesty, friendship & love. It hasn’t been perfect but it’s been worth it. What we have I cherish so much. Happy anniversary. ❤ Can’t wait to celebrate with you when I get home. Been thinking to myself about this milestone all day. I miss you like crazy. (Do you remember when I wanted to do a dinner to cheers to 6 months and you said “no, whats the big deal? How about you talk to me when it’s Two years.” 😂 well look now motha fuckah! In yo face! SICK ASS FOOL! Btw, For those who don’t know Seb and his sarcasm, this is a very Seb thing to say.)

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A few weeks ago there were rumors of a possible secret wedding between Becky and Sebastian; however, nothing was confirmed, and it seems that they are still dating, although we hope that this can change and soon we can see a beautiful engagement ring in the hand of Becky.

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Would you like Becky and Sebastian to come to the altar?

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