Carry in your graduation bag
Carry in your graduation bag

We all know that there are things that we can never miss in the bag, but this time we bring you the basics that you can not miss in your graduation.

Lipstick: To make your makeup look super careful, just take your lipstick to touch it up whenever necessary.

Rice paper or powder: Obviously you want to be perfect in all the photos, avoid the skin of your face shine, that’s why it is super important that you take your powder to keep your skin matt.

Pins and forks: If you get to dislike the hairstyle, bring some of these accessories can save your life, because with them you can fix it and still look perfect.

Insurance: In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, your outfit can suffer slight accidents, a safety can help you to solve it easily.

Band-Aids: You have walked a lot and danced to death, and it is almost certain that your shoes have started to hurt you and will start a terrible torture, Band-Aids are the perfect solution to prevent blisters or pinkness from complicating your life.

Adhesive for eyelashes: Normally in this type of events we make up much more and we get false eyelashes, and it may be that much movement will take off a little, if you wear this elento you can touch them without problems.

With these products in your bag, you will be ready to enjoy the great event from start to finish.

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