How to avoid the comments of others affect you
How to avoid the comments of others affect you

Sometimes the gossip that is generated around us affect us more, especially when we are super aware of what others may think about us, put a stop!

Do not jump into the drama and check out these tips so that what others say does not affect you:

1Take care of yourself

If you avoid creating gossip, you will be a grain of sand so that the bad wave disappears from your environment.

2Spend time with yourself

Pamper yourself, being alone will help you get to know you better and value yourself.

3Know yourself

If you are sure of who you are, nothing that other people say about you can harm you.

4Let flowers come out of your mouth

If you are going to talk about someone, say good things, their qualities and strengths.

5Speak straight

That’s from honorable and courageous people.

Take control of your life and stop turning to see the others.


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