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Avoid spam in the states of WhatsApp

Avoid WhatsApp spam states
Avoid WhatsApp spam states

One of the most important sections when using applications is that we want them not to be bothering us at all times for spam or security issues. That is why, little by little, we are evolving in the application market to a site with more security and less spam everywhere. Today we are going to teach you how to avoid spam in the WhatsApp states, as it is becoming very recurrent in recent months with the great update of WhatsApp.

In this application of WhatsApp, we saw how they started to bet on the same function that Snapchat created and that nowadays they have Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great update but it has not really come together at all, as we see that many of our contacts are reluctant to use these WhatsApp states. We will see to see if WhatsApp decides to put something new to make people more encouraged to use them or they will stay in the application without anyone really using them.

How to avoid spam in the WhatsApp states

Today we could know thanks Chema Alonso, how to avoid spam in the WhatsApp states. Chema Alonso tells us that there is a large number of applications on Android that, when downloaded, request our permissions to be able to create new contacts in the agenda of our mobile phone, and that is the problem.

Once this new contact is created, we see that it will automatically be included in our WhatsApp agenda, so we will start to see all its states, which will be full of spam and content that we have neither asked nor want to see. The easiest steps to avoid spam in the WhatsApp states are:

  • Be careful with the permissions you give to the applications you download
  • If you see someone spamming, block it.
  • You can configure within WhatsApp who can see your status, as well as what people you want to block from viewing them.
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Apart from sending spam without you wanting to, they are aware of your private life if you decide to upload any type of status, because just as you have their number, they have yours. So better be careful with what we do because the internet is very dangerous.


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