Translations to Facebook Messenger
Translations to Facebook Messenger

Last year, Facebook Messenger incorporated the suggestions of M, the personal assistant based on artificial intelligence that provides help when interacting with your friends.

In the company, they realized that the world is changing, and it is increasingly common to meet people from all over the planet. However, in some cases, the language factor is a limitation when wanting to start a conversation with people who do not speak the same language.

Thus, one of the novelties in Messenger, and thanks to M, are the automatic translations from English into Spanish and vice versa, for the time being. This feature opens in the United States and Mexico.

If you accept this option, all messages that you receive in the future and that are not written in the language that you have established in your configuration, will be automatically translated.

In the future, Facebook plans to launch the translation tool, through its M assistant, to more languages ​​and countries, although there are no precise dates for that.

In the words of Laurent Landowski, product manager of Facebook, Mexico is a very important market, so it was decided to launch the automatic translations first here, together with the United States.

“It is very useful for all users, as it improves their conversations and makes good suggestions, which differentiates us from other attendees,” he said.

M uses artificial intelligence, so it is proactive and seeks to connect differently with people.

The function will be available as of today and will take approximately two days to reach all of Mexico.


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