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Arrow Science, a very addictive archery game

Arrow Science game
Arrow Science game

Yesterday we left you with some of the best games of 2017. It was a compilation, something necessary on such a hard Sunday after the MWC in Barcelona. Today, Monday, we know that you also need an interesting game to mitigate the exhaustion of the first day of the week. Well, the daily game has arrived, ready for you to download and play it for hours.

Today’s game is not as good as the ones we left you yesterday, since maintaining the level every day is not easy. Even so, it is a delivery that we love, and that in addition to being simple, it is a difficulty as we go through levels. It’s about Arrow Science, and as its name suggests, the thing will go with arrows.

Different modes that leave us with several games

Arrow Science has several game modes, where we can spend hours. The first, leaves us with levels, where we must pass them to be able to advance. We have dozens of them, and although the first ones are simple, the thing will take difficulty quickly.  The main objective of the game is to reach the last level, and to do this we must shoot arrows at different targets, make them pass through different sites, and punctuate the odd object.

The controls are very simple, since we will only have to press on the screen to direct the arrow, and wait for the force bar to increase. A small learning curve is needed, although when you throw several arrows and measure the force with which they are thrown, the thing is much simpler. 

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The second game mode, is one of the most interesting, since we will have to get the highest score by throwing arrows at the fruits that fall from the sky. For each fruit that we puncture, the game will give us more seconds, which are vital to be able to continue playing. It is an interesting way, which will be increasingly difficult to overcome.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a simple game, but very addictive, and it is perfect to pass the time in those moments of boredom that we have in the subway or waiting for the bus. It is free, although it includes advertising. 


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