Signs of Obsession
Signs of Obsession

People who suffer from obsession, go through a lot of thoughts that are not always real.

1. Jealousy: Many people say that if he does not shut you up, it’s because he does not love you, but how true is this? It is common that in relationships there is jealousy, but it is not equal to someone who gets upset a little because he sees someone approaching you, someone who does not let you out, dress as you want or talk with other people.

2. Exclusivity: In the obsession it is believed that the person belongs to us and that he can not be with his friends and that he should only be with you. In love, you trust the person since you commit to being with someone and respecting them.

3. Treatment: When they reach the state of obsession, a member of the relationship feels like property to the other person, which gives him to believe that he has a right over it. In love their rights and the freedom they have are respected; It’s your partner, not your property.

4. Low self-esteem: When it comes to obsession, the couple is perceived as someone that we can not miss and that without it you could not live, in love the other person complements you.

5. Acceptance: When a relationship based on love ends, you obviously suffer, but over time you accept it and let that person go. When it is an obsession, that acceptance is delayed or it never arrives and the other person is not left in peace.

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These are small signs with which you can know if it is a relationship full of love or an obsession that can end in something more serious. Do not forget that relationships should be based on acceptance, respect and communication, so you will have a healthy and lasting relationship.

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