Nicole Kidman Aquaman First Look
Nicole Kidman Aquaman First Look

The story of Nicole Kidman with comic-based films was very brief, basically based on her appearance as Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, by director Joel Schumacher, which was considered one of the worst in the genre. Since then she has not been part of any such film until now, 21 years later, the actress will play Atlanna, the mother of Arthur Carry in Aquaman. But why have you decided to reappear in a superhero movie? The producer of the film, Peter Safran, has revealed it for CinemaBlend:

“In our ‘concept art’ that goes back to October / September of last year, we always used the face of Nicole Kidman for Atlanna. Before we had conversations with her, James Wan always said: “I imagine Nicole like that.” And then he would say: ‘By the way, I’ve heard he wants to work with me.’ And we all said [sarcastically]: ‘Yes, of course! I’m sure he loves Fast and Furious. ‘But when we got in touch, we immediately got an answer: “Oh, she loves James’ work, she loves James.” So, we met with her and that was it. Only one meeting. We showed him the play, read the script and said: ‘I love this.‘ So he got on board.”

Until December 28 we can not discover how the actress will act in this film, starring Jason Momoa in the role of Arthur Curry, half human and half Atlantean, who must discover if he is worthy to be the king of Atlantis. This Saturday will premiere the trailer at Comic-Con San Diego and we will be attentive to tell you all the details about the advance.

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